Meet my new travel partner!

Meet Little Jim, my travelling partner!  He begged and pleaded to go, so I guess I’ll take him!

Little Jim!

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Oopps posted this message in the wrong category the first time. I will say it again, That fella shore does resemble that “Andre the Biker Chef” dude.

Gee… I wonder who Florida Fred is! :)

Bye Little Jim. Take good care of Oscar.

Keep you eye out for Dr. Kafool, he is from South Africa I believe, he’s known to hang out with Andre!!

Oh bye the way, you left you self as “In” on the “In/Out” board. I’ll go ahead and put you as out so you won’t lose any sleep while on your trip!! (snicker snicker)

I need a cool handle like Florida Fred!! Something that has some style…

Dr Kafool?? :S

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