Newark airport

So, here I am at the Newark Airport… Stuck here for like 7 hours.   I’m paying like $8 for 24hours of unlimited wifi.  Got to  talk to  John and Jenn via Skype.

I don’t have the laptop setup with mouse, etc, so no photo updates at the moment.  I almost didn’t make the flight out of Orlando.  That GPS was the smartest decision I made lately.  I would have missed the flight without it!

So I’m at the International Terminal here at Newark (Terminal B).   A couple of Sihk’s have parked themselves next to me.  Full turban and traditional dress.  Many here confuse them with moslems because of the turban.  Thailand is full of Sihk tailor shops, generally a friendly bunch.  Strangely enough,  their luggage seems to contain nothing but shrink wrapped board games. (Like Monopoly, etc)  Not sure what that’s about…

Well, I’ll post more later.  Hopefully with photos next time.

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