Another lazy day in Bangkok.

Sorry for a lack of important posts, but I’ve done NOTHING since I’ve been here. I would say I was recovering from jet-lag, but that would be a lie. I’ve just been lazy, and this hotel will do that to you.

I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to get this laptop hooked up. I had to get a special adapter that will take my three pronged laptop plug, and convert it to two prong.

Internet fees were eating me alive at 150baht ($4.25) an hour, fortunately for me I installed Boingo while I was in Newark and can now connect 24×7 for *ONLY* $10 per day! :(
Still a ripoff, but one that won’t rob me of as much cash!

I’ll be doing more interesting stuff tomorrow, but for now, all I have to offer is this plate of room-service Spaghetti and Meatsauce.  Amazing how this hotel likes to brand EVERYTHING.
Nana Hotel Spaghetti with meatsauce!

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You should get a Nana Hotel logo tattooed on your butt. You’d match the rest of the room!

I have enjoyed your daily reports. We have all been following your exploits overseas here daily. However, I must warn you as an Italian, a true Italian… this does not look good as a digestable dinner. Did you already eat this? Don’t do it! Back away! Back away now!!! Are you kidding? Go out and eat something else….


Actually, it’s been one of my favorite dishes from this hotel’s restaurant. It’s a Thai interpretation of an Italian dish I suppose. It’s using some unusual spices that make it quite tasty.

They give you a Ketchup packet if you want it to taste truly Italian! ;)

I’ll be going to more interesting places to eat as I get re-acclimated to Thailand.


Wow! Oscar eating crap food in exotic places. You are soooo k3w1!

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