Inflight Outbreak!

I’m actually starting my second day in Bangkok… trying to catch up on my posts…

After surviving “Hello Kitty Hell”, the flight from Taipei to Bangkok was uneventful.  Sort of….

It seems that the flight crew all wore surgical masks!   It seems that the hype surrounding this swine flu business has taken epic proportions in Taipei!  I’d say about 50% of the people working in the airport were wearing masks (security guards, duty free shop attendants, janitors, you name it!)  But to do this on a plane?!  Horrible!   So ridiculous, do they think that the passengers have the Cooties or something…  There was even a short video playing on board from the Taipei equivalent of the CDC that I will find a link to or post later that was hysterical.


Outbreak 2

It’s a shame really, the EVA stewardesses errr.. FLIGHT ATTENDANTS tend to be pretty cute.

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