Thai Chip Review: Dr. Taco

I was bored.. :)

This post will start a brand new series of reviews staring myself and my esteemed fellow traveller Little Jim.   In it, we will be reviewing various bizzare snack foods found in the local 7-11′s  (Yes, there are MANY in Thailand!).

Today we will be reviewing a strange bag of chips that I found myself buying tonight…. The purchase was based on the name alone:  Dr. Taco !

Dr Taco?

I was curious, what or who is Dr. Taco?  A Mexican wrestler?  Perhaps it is the name of the Doctor that I’ll be referred to after eating this bag.   Even more curious was the flavor of the chips:

pizza flavor?!

Wait… I’ll be eating PIZZA flavored chips named Dr. Taco…. Ok…

So let’s pop open the bag and see what we have here:

Little Jim and Doctor Taco

Let’s see, they smell like cardboard, and look like styrofoam.

They taste like…. NOTHING!

No taste whatsoever!  Not a taco taste, not a pizza taste.

It does have an aftertaste… if you can imagine  the taste of styrofoam with subtle overtones of  Elmer’s glue, you will be close to the aftertaste of these chips.

Little Jim couldn’t stand them either, so into the bin it goes….

Final score: 0

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Dude!!! Mr. Taco is now a doctor in Thailand! That blows my mind!

Thanks for your streest comment! But that’s long time ago…
You should try again now…It’s different…

Did U Tring the new Dr.TACO?
I will sending all flavor to you…Let’s sending me the address…comeon!!

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