Dream World – Snow Town

This is one of the few innovative ideas to be found at Dream World.   I think they did this as it does not snow in the region, and kids should know what snow is.

Snow town is basically a giant warehouse freezer that is filled with snow.  They take your shoes, give you a pair of snow boots, and a snow jacket (… of course mine was about 2 sizes to small…)   Then they lead you into the freezer Snow Town where you are assaulted by a constant loop of random Christmas music.   Other than the snow, there is a giant snowman, a wooly mammoth, Santa’s house, a sign claiming you are at the North Pole, and a hill for sledding.

Entrance to Snow Town!

Unfortunately, the temperature gauge shown below was broken.

I’d say it was about 30 degrees inside.

It's so cold that the sign is broken!

Sledding Chinaman :)

I bought a snow globe! ;)

Snow Town Snow Globe!

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