Thai Chip Review: Calbee Mystery Chips.

Little Jim and I label these as “Mystery Chips” due to an absoulte lack of any English on the front of the package.  On the back, some English text states that this is manufactured “Under license of Calbee Foods Co, Tokyo, Japan”.   The picture seems to give a good idea of what these chips are.  I assumed they were tomato or possibly Ketchup flavored:

Little Jim with the Mystery Chips

Well, not exactly…  here are the contents of the package:

Two ketchup packets?

Two packets of Ketchup??  Ummm… ok.

Actually both Little Jim and I agree these chips aren’t half bad.  Unfortunately, once all of the ketchup was gone, so was our interest in the chips.   They actually smell and taste like potatoes.  These are more like puffy Cheetos than  Potato Stix that you find in the US.

Both Little Jim and myself gives these chips a solid B+.
… The Nescafe iced Latte can went well with the chips!  ;)

I’m going to have to do something with Little Jim, he hasn’t left the room since we got here.

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