Food Vendors

Here are some various food vendors I’ve seen over the last few days.

These may explain why I generally tend to eat western food in real restaurants as opposed to random street Thai food.

Gotta love this picture.  The uncooked and unrefrigerated meat-on-a-stick hanging in mid-air in the Bangkok heat will do wonders for my current illness!    All aboard the botulism express!

Unrefigerated Meat on a stick!

The food vendor in the next picture at least has some icebox or something to keep the meat cold.  Still, I don’t think I trust it.   It’s something like popcorn chicken she’s selling.

Chicken Pop?

These next two shots came from Pantip this morning, deep fried bugs!  Unfortunately these were covered with plastic, so it’s kinda hard to tell.  I’ll keep an eye out for a better bug vendor!

Deep fried roaches!


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I can testify that noodles from a cart, meat on a stick and beverages in a bag purchased along the side of the road have been some of my favorite culinary experiences. Plastic wrap and disinfectant are not nearly as necessary to cleanliness as we’ve been led to believe. Our ancestors did not have them yet here we are, alive and well. I’ll admit that fried bugs are too far outside my cultural envelope for me to enjoy a bag. There are these little pork sausage balls on a stick available at certain times of the year that you would absolutely love. People rave about Thai street food for a reason.

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