Chatuchak Weekend Market 1

So I went to the weekend market with my occasional guide Lucksika.   The Bangkok weekend market is  one of the largest open markets in the world spreading out over 35 acres and containing over 15,000 shops and stalls selling a variety of products.

Lucksika stopped by early this morning at my request.  First, we had a quick breakfast in the hotel coffee shop:

Lucksika ready for the market.

Then we walked over to the nearby Skytrain (elevated train) station and got some tickets.

Bangkok Skytrain

Unfortunately, I forgot my SD card in my laptop, so i was limited on the number of pictures I could take to the internal memory of this little Fuji camera (which isn’t much).    At any rate, here are some pictures I took inside the market.  First up some food vendors selling meat-on-a-stick!

Weekend Market food vendors

Really cool vases!

Lots of vendors were selling Obama T-shirts.  Seems that he is well liked.  Of course last time I was here, Osama bin Laden shirts were very popular, so take from that what you will.

Osama is not my Momma!

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