Weekend Market – pt 2

Some more pictures from my day out today.

First up, some bizzare “Tinglish”…  I challenge you to figure out what it says on this bag!   I am particularly impressed with the phrase “Our spoctal dollohts”  :)

Ummm... what?

Next up, not exactly “Tinglish”, but it doesn’t really make a lot of sense:

ummm... Goodbye yesterday?

After a couple of hours, it was time for a break from the heat.  My guide had an iced coffee, I had a coke.

Iced Coffee and a Coke!

I found some more food on a stick!!  Little Donuts!!!

Little Dounuts!  On A STICK!!!

Looks like BNE strikes again!  Even in Bangkok!    You can’t go 5 feet in the streets in Bangkok without running into BNE graffiti on buildings, or BNE stickers stuck to road signs.    The whole BNE thing is essentially the modern version of “Kilroy was here”.  It started in San Francisco, then was spotted in Tokyo, now it’s gone global.   Pretty silly really…

BNE is everywhere in this town!

That’s all I have for now, thanks for reading!

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