The Legendary Feast!

Since I haven’t made a chip review in a few days, I thought it was time to make it up to my millions of faithful readers.  This article was started on my last night in Bangkok before heading to Pattaya.

I was initially going to order up room service tonight.  After some thought, I decided instead of spending my 200 baht ($5.90) on a meal delivered to my room, I’ll buy 200 baht worth of bizarre 7-11 snack food!

I’m sure this is a decision I won’t regret!  :)

Here is what my 200 baht got me, first some drinks… yes they are all coffee flavored.  The last little bottle on the far right is coffee flavored milk!

Bangkok 7-11 Coffee Drinks!

Each bottle had about 2 shot glasses worth of iced coffee, so it’s not as much as it looks really.    I’ll give them all a solid B grade, with 2 exceptions.  The coffee flavored milk was kinda boring, so that will get a C- grade.   The “Birdy” flavored drink was slightly better than the rest, so it gets an A-.

Then I got some various chips and even two little sandwiches!:

Various Bangkok 7-11 food!

Six bucks can get you a lot of food in this country!

I found the sandwiches intriguing.  One was called “shredded pork”.  The other was called “shredded pork and bologna sausage”.  I had to try that!

Shredded Pork and Bologna Sausage?


It’s even more disgusting than it looks, one bite and I had to throw the rest into the bin!   The stand-alone shredded pork sandwich was equally disgusting.

Shredded Pork and Bologna Sausage sandwich  final score: F-

Shredded Pork sandwich final score: F-

Next up, some random “cheese” flavored chips of some kind:

Cheese Chips?

I expected more out of these considering they are actually from Frito-Lay, and the packaging clearly shows cheese.  LOTS of cheese.  Unfortunately, these tasted like Cheetos WITHOUT the cheese flavor!!

“Cheese” chips from Frito-Lay final score: F-

Next up is “Mediterranean Crab Curry Chips”

Mediteranean Crab!

Sort of tastes like a cross between rotting fish and potatoes:  Final score F-

Ham and Cheese Pretz

Ham & Cheese Pretz:  At least they didn’t make me gag:  Final score: D+

Next up “Cocori Nuggets: Seaweed flavor”

Cocori Nuggets!

I’m not sure what a “Cocori Nugget” is, but this snack was actually tasty

Final score:  B+

That’s all for now.  Thanks for reading!

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where is Little Jim? Did he eat the pork sandwiches and keel over???

I just got cocori nuggets for the first time and I think they’re delicious! B+ good call!

@Joanne – I’m not sure where Little Jim was at the time. I may have already packed him away in preparation to go to Pattaya.

@Mike – Thanks! I checked out the link to your site. That has to be the most attractive travel site I’ve EVER seen!! That shot you took of the inside of Pantip was incredible!! (Camera lenses in Bangkok article). I suddenly have a case of website envy. Hopefully I’ll have something that looks half as good as yours for the Japan trip next year!

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