Pattaya Internet Hell

As I write this, I am sitting at the “Pattaya Beer Garden” enjoying a cheeseburger while overlooking the ocean.    If any of my billions of faithful readers make it to Pattaya, I highly recommend a visit to this place.Cheeseburger!

I’ve already mentioned this place in a previous post, why am I bringing it up again?  Well, it seems that this place is the ONLY place I’ve found in this town to have reliable WiFi access to the Internet…. and it’s FREE!

I’ve managed to drop over 1000 baht in various WiFi access points/networks in this town, NONE of them work reliably!  Below are some of the “access cards” I’ve been sold by various places in town.

Worthless Internet cards!

The two light blue ones on the left side of the photo are from my hotel.  I incorrectly assumed that these would work from anywhere in the hotel, like MY ROOM…. WRONG!   After I bought them, I find out they only work from the lobby, there is no “desk height” tables in the lobby, and I can’t smoke there!  Worthless and not refundable!

The Ezynet card (far right with a photo on it) claims to be able to be used at a variety of locations in Pattaya.   I can get the EzyNet signal from my room.  So I bought a “unlimited week” card for 800 baht ($24 USD).  Turns out it does not connect from my room, or anywhere else for that matter, even sitting right on top of one of their hotspots.   While the card I was sold was written 100% in English, mysteriously no one at the technical support number provided speaks any.   As with the cards from the hotel, these are not refundable. :(

The black card in the middle came from a Starbucks here in Pattaya.   Supposedly gives me 24hours worth of access.   I bought a coffee, got online with it for about 5 minutes, and it never worked again.  Of course the clerks at Starbucks have no idea how it works, I asked them to reset their router, and they had no idea what I was talking about.  Like the other two cards, this one was not refundable either…

Looks like I’ll be visiting the “Pattaya Beer Garden” everytime I want to get on the internet.   Oh well, at least the view is nice…

Thanks for reading.

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