A visit to Koh Lan island.

So I chartered a boat today and visit the “island” everone keeps talking about.

I’ve had a negative impression of this island since my first trip; mainly because EVERYONE on the beach side of Pattaya is trying to sell you passage to this island.

Since I’ve never been there before I decided “why not” and arranged a charter with the first boat captain I met along beach road.

Round trip price on a chartered boat set me back 2000 baht (around $66).  Here’s what my $66 got me:

My chartered boat

Inside the boat…

Inside boat

The trip takes about 20 minutes each way.   Here’s some photos I took along the way…

First, the “Pattaya City” sign.   I guess It’s Pattaya’s version of the Hollywood sign.

Pattaya City

Some other boats I saw along the way, like this ferry boat that probably would have saved me lots of $$ had I known they existed before, but I probably got there and back faster!   :)

Ferry boat

Another boat… this one is actually a floating restaurant covered with neon lights that you can see from shore at night.

Floating restaurant.

…. continued next post…

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Great photos Oscar. I am partial to the boat and water pics. Of course the “scenery” pic was easy on the eyes too. Bye the way, Big Jim is really missing Little Jim.

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