I survived the 1 kilo challenge!

After exposure to Tiffany’s Cabaret, I needed to raise my testosterone levels.  What better way than a competition involving MEAT!  :)

So I went to “Big Horn Steakhouse” here in Pattaya, where they have the following challenge (from their website) :

The 1 Kilo challenge!

So I get to the steak house and they hand me the fancy menu:

Big Horn menu

I order up their 1 Kilo steak with fries, that’s a lot of meat!!

It comes with some sort of Bernaise sauce, and a salad (which I ignore).
I also order a Coke.

The 1 Kilo steak!!

I get halfway through…. can I make it?

Halfway there!

Big Horn waitress

After the waitress showed off her baby, I finished off the steak…

I feel ill!

I looked up how big 1 Kilo is, it’s 2.2 lbs!   I feel ill!  :(

They took my picture, but didn’t give me a certificate!   I guess their printer is broken.  :(

Ah well, now I know how they felt after such feats as climbing Everest, etc.. :)

Thank you for reading!

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