Koh Lan island – Part 2

During the 20 minute trip to Koh Lan island, the captain drove (piloted?) the boat at top speed.  I’m not used to travelling in small boats, and this trip felt like a painful version of a roller coaster.  The boat was constantly catching “air” and every time it hit the water, it almost knocked me out of my seat.

We finally reached the island, and I must say that I am impressed.   The beach on Koh Lan was MUCH nicer than Pattaya beach (which is disgusting!) and the water around Koh Lan was also far clearer!     The sand was a bit coarser and darker than beaches we are used to here in Florida, but it was still very nice!

Beach at Koh Lon

Various entertainment options are available on the island.   They have the required “big Buddha statue on a hill”, as well as a shooting range, parasailing, jet ski’s for rent, etc.

They have a huge boardwalk where you can buy stuff.  Unfortunately, every booth is selling EXACTLY the same items!   This seems somewhat pointless…

Boardwalk on Koh Lon Island

At least I was able to find a place to buy some blue alcohol!  :)    They called it a “Blue Fizzy”.   It contains that blue liquor, vodka, and sprite!  :)

The Blue Fizzy!

I love this picture… Nothing goes better with “squid jerky” than Coke!

Dried Squid and coke!  A taste sensation!

Some nice scenery!  :)

What a nice view!

I even got a custom souvenir!   Hey look!  It’s Little Jim!

Me & Little Jim!

That’s all for now!   Thanks for reading!

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