Tiffany Cabaret Show – Part 2

The show itself was interesting, lots of neat costumes and sets.  Basically just a bunch of musical numbers showing off the girls and the costumes.

Unfortunately, they do not allow photography inside the theater.   But they do have a photo opportunity with some of the performers outside after the show.

There is something important you should know….. but  I’ll tell you later… :)

Tiffany "girls"

Tiffany "girl"

Tiffany "girl" in red

Tiffany "girl" with a tourist

Tiffany "girl" smiling

Tiffany "girl" posing

Well, these girls, while attractive, have a secret.

They are all MEN! :)

Yes, Tiffany cabaret is a transvestite show! :)

Actually I suppose the more accurate and politically correct term would be transgendered as they all obviously live as women and some of them have had their gender changed medically.

Guys, don’t you feel FABULOUS now?!

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