Goodbye Pattaya!

Well, here’s a number of pictures I took in Pattaya that fail at having enough information to justify their own posts.

First up…. random neon lights….  Nam Sing Restaurant… all manner of stuff I will never eat!   :)

Random Neon 1

Even more seafood…  I hope they STOP swimming before they are served!  The claws of the crab are animated, pretty cool…

Please COOK mine!

No, not seafood this time.   Just the name of a random bar….

Hot Tuna Bar

Speaking of bars, here’s a picture of the infamous Walking Street in Pattaya.
Since this is a ‘G’ rated blog, this is the only picture you will get!  ;)

Lights on Walking Street

Some sort of Ice Cream mascot on Walking Street…  Actually, what I wanted to capture in the photo was the whole family in the shot.   The wife was an Arab lady covered head to toe in black….

Ice Cream Mascot

Random hotel chef’s…

The prices shown in the first picture:

Random Hotel Chef 1

This second chef is cooking me a steak!   :)

Sum Yung Guy! lol

Random photo of meat on a stick!  Because meat on a stick is good!  :)

This meat on a stick came with a spicy peanut sauce!

Meat on a stick!  With Spicy Peanut sauce!

That’s all I have at the moment.   I’ve returned to Bangkok, but unfortunately have been ill (again!) for the last couple of days.   I think I’ll be fine by tomorrow, and have something more interesting to post!

Thanks for reading!

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