Return to Bangkok

Sorry for the bunch of super-weak updates lately.  I’ve had a bit of the “Bangkok Belly”, so I had to stay near the hotel for a few days.  :(

But I’ve been here in Bangkok, back to my favorite hotel.   I got room number 664, which makes me the “Neighbor of the Beast”.   I wonder what lies beyond this door…

Satan?  Are you there?

Little Jim has been enjoying the local 7-11 again.   We’ve got some Thai version of oreo cookies as well as some chocolate/coffee drink.

Fun-O cookies!

We both agreed the cookies were pretty bad (not to mention STALE), so in the bin they went….

Ah Cappucino drink thing...

Little Jim liked the cappucino drink…. but the Nescafe branded one is still better….   Went to Heidelburg restaurant the other day…

Heidelberg restaurant Bangkok

…and had the chicken parmesan!    So I leave America to go to Thailand where I can go to a German restaurant to order Italian… :)

The dish was REALLY good, one of the best I’ve had since I’ve been here!  A side of pasta would have been better than the fries, but it still worked fine.

Excellent chicken parm!

Thank you for reading!  More to come!

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