Siam Paragon / MBK trip

So I went to Siam Paragon super mall today, 10 floors tall, each FLOOR about the size of  Sarasota Square.    They finished it in 2005, so I got to briefly see it on my last visit here, but this was my first extended visit.

It is REALLY high end.  All the major designers (think names like Coach, Burberry, etc) have dedicated stores in Siam Paragon, as well as car dealerships for Aston Martin, Porsche, Bentley, etc. Also art galleries, an opera hall, a bowling alley, and the largest indoor aquarium in SE Asia.

They have an IMAX theater with the largest screen in Asia (according to Wikipedia), unfortunately they are currently playing “Night at the Museum II”, which I have zero interest in. :(

Siam Paragon

Some of the fancy shops…

Some famous designer store.

I’ve heard of this one…

Some other famous designer...

After wandering around for an hour, I realized that I can neither afford, nor do I want anything in this place.   I hopped back on the skytrain and went over to MBK plaza which is a bit more pedestrian…

The sign says it all...

Here’s a nice outdoor shot (not my photo, borrowed from Wikipedia)

MBK center.

It rivals the size of Siam Paragon, it’s 8 stories tall.  There are at LEAST three McDonalds, two KFC’s, two Starbucks (competing against 3 OTHER coffee chains in the mall), a Burger King, a Pizza Hut, as well as dozens of other restaurants.   I ended up eating lunch at “Santa burger!”  :)

Santa Burger?!

Yes, THAT Santa!   However Santa makes some pretty terrible burgers!  :(

My own shoe would have tasted better!

Santa has crappy burgers!

….continued next post….

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