Oscar’s New Suit – Part 1

So I decided that while in Bangkok, I might as well get fitted for a new suit, as a tailored suit costs about what one off the rack does in the US.   Plus I thought it would make interesting reading on the blog!  :)

I went to Taj Mahal tailors near my hotel, it is run by a Sihk family who emigrated to Thailand from India. They do good work, and I have suits made there in the past.  Here are some shots of the shop and me getting fitted for a suit.   There is a HUGE selection of tailor shops in Bangkok.  There are easily 10 within walking distance of my hotel, even one in the lobby of my hotel!   Mysteriously they are all run by Sihks.

First up is a fine selection of fabrics, this is just a fraction of what they have available.  I ended up getting a nice wool/cashmere blend in a dark gray, I opted for the silk lining as well.

Wide selection of fabrics

Here’s me getting measured for the suit, I have to go back in a few hours for a trial fitting.

Taking measurements.

More measuring….  The tailor actually keeps pins in his turban!   Well I suppose it’s convenient!  :)

More measuring

Not very comfortable right now!

I’ll have some more photos in a couple hours when I do the first fitting.

Thanks for reading!

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Hi Oskar, I wonder how much you paid for the suit and what it included?

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