Japanese cuisine at MBK Center

At MBK shopping center there is piles of options for eating Japanese food.

I was recently at this huge mall again, this time with my occasional guide Lucksika.  For lunch she wanted Japanese food (she has lived in Japan for seven years).   So we went to the Tokyu department store in MBK and had lunch in their Japanese restaurant.

Here is Lucksika deep in thought, waiting for our food to arrive.

Waiting for food.

This is what I got, a plate of  Soba noodles (both buckwheat and green tea noodles).   Soba noodles are served cold, sprinkled with dried seaweed, and served with soy sauce for dipping.  I also got a big glob of Wasabi that I wanted nothing to do with.

Soba noodles

Her lunch looked better than mine, but I don’t like seafood.

Japanese fish dish

There are MANY other options for Japanese food at MBK, It’s too bad I don’t like sushi as I like food that is cooked, and I don’t care for fish either.   But here is a picture of the biggest floating sushi bar I’ve ever seen.   Unfortunately, it snakes around the restaurant, so I could only take a picture of a fraction of it.

Floating sushi bar at MBK

Here’s a close up of a different section of it.

Floating Sushi bar second picture

Here’s some packaged chilled sushi in a cold case at one of the department stores in MBK:

Department store sushi.

Another Japanese restaurant in the mall.  This one apparently specializes in Japanese pasta, they claim to have over 100 pasta dishes; and a fake version of each one lines the walls around the restaurant.

Japanese Great Wall of Pasta?

Here is another section of the wall…

Japanese Great Wall of Pasta II

Here’s another Japanese restaurant in MBK:

Fuji restaurant in MBK

They have an interesting wall display of fake food as well:

Fuji restaurant wall display

If you are in the mood for Chinese, they have that here as well.

Mr. Meng restaurant MBK

So who’s Mr. Meng?   It’s this guy!

Mr. Meng mascot at MBK!

That’s all I have right now.  Thanks for reading!

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