Goodbye Bangkok!

Well, this will likely be my last post in Thailand unless I get lucky at the Bangkok airport with a WiFi connection and have something worth reporting.

As expected, it’s almost midnight, I haven’t even started packing yet.  (Not really a problem as I’ve been living out of the suitcase for three weeks anyway.)

I was forced to buy TWO cheap Bangkok suitcases this trip.  The original one I brought with me has a broken zipper now due to being roughly molested by either  TSA or baggage handlers on the way here.   I bought the second one to haul  various goods I bought on the trip! (for myself and others)  :)

Here’s a bunch of random pictures I’ll leave you with.

First up is a Thai spirit house.   EVERY house/hotel/business in Thailand has one of these attached to the property.   Has some sort of significance to give spirits a place to rest other than the main house (something like that anyway).   Even the major malls have their own spirt houses, very elaborate ones in fact.    Spirit houses are tended to almost every day, new flowers are added, offerings of food are left, inscense is lit, etc.  The one below was for a bank branch near my hotel.

Spirit house

Another spirit house, this is an very nice one from MBK center that I mentioned in previous posts.

MBK spirit house

Here’s a little store in MBK center selling religious stuff.

Store filled with religious idols.

Nana Entertainment Plaza, neon lights across from my hotel.

Nana Entertainment Plaza

Abandoned dog on the side of the road, had to tell from the photo, but the dog is covered in scars, and has a crippled leg.   There are LOTS of these stray dogs around, cats too.

Soi dog

This is the tour desk for my hotel.

Photo challenge: Name at least three defunct airlines amongst the placards on the wall!  :)

They seriously need to remodel!

Nana tour desk

That’s all for now!  Thanks for reading!

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