Taipei Airport Hell

Well, I have just arrived in Taipei, waiting for the flight to Newark.  I didn’t think I would hate an airport worse than the airport in Seoul, South Korea.  But this airport has now taken the lead in world’s most worthless airports.  :(

As like Seoul, there is NO PLACE to buy simple things like bottled water, english newspapers, etc.   Instead there are 1000 little “boutique” duty free stores selling Coach bags and Channel No5, etc.  In the transit area, there are piles of soda vending machines, but no place to change money!

Also the only restaurants I have managed to find are a couple of bizzare Chinese food cafe’s.    Yea, great INTERNATIONAL airport they have here.

There is also no smoking allowed ANYWHERE in the transit area! ….   and I can’t leave!   It’s like I’m a prisoner here.

I hate this place, and I have another hour to wait!  :( :(

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