EVA Airline food, also Taipei airport.

Although the flight back to the states was easier on me than the flight to Bangkok for some reason, the food on the way back was MUCH worse!

While I like the slightly bigger seats on EVA Air, the terrible food they serve, and the horrible airport I have to fly through (Taipei Airport) make it extremely unlikely that I will fly them ever again.

In 2011, I’ll probably fly JAL.  Last time I flew JAL,  the food was excellent; and I know the airport in Tokyo is a smoker’s paradise! :)

At any rate, on to the pictures.

First up, some inedible food from Bangkok to Taipei.   I think it’s chicken. :(

I think it's chicken

Here’s a picture of the Boeing 777 that I took from Taipei to Newark.

Boeing 777 EVA Air

The only other interesting shot in this crappy airport was of an asian squat toilet!

Squat toilet in Taipei airport.

This next shot was taken in Bangkok airport.

Instead of going after the people selling counterfeit goods, they give this weak warning!

Fake good warning, Bangkok airport.

More crappy airline food.

I think this was supposed to be beef! :(

Something not quite like beef, EVA Air

I think this next meal was supposed to be “Chicken and Noodles”.   It made the beef dish look good.

Inedible "Chicken" and noodles on EVA Air

This time the plane did not stop in Anchorage!  It flew directly to Newark, which means I’ll be 24 hours without a cigarette by the time I get to Newark and go through immigration/customs/etc. :(

Here it is the first cigarette in Newark!   It was GOOD! :)

Cigarette outside Newark airport!

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dramatic much? Food wasn’t that bad. The Asian toilets are amazing. Blame your crabbiness and judgment on your addiction.

1) No, are you a douchebag much?
2) Yes it was, you weren’t there, how would you know?
3) Squat toilets are amazing? I think not, just because once upon a time humans dug holes in the ground to defecate doesn’t mean we have to continue the practice 10000 years later.
4) …as per the rest of your personal attack, go play in traffic.

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