Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok

Suvarnabhumi is the name of the airport in Bangkok.   Don’t ask me to pronounce it! :)

I’ve never been to this airport before.  It was still under construction during my previous visit.

Here are some shots:

First up, a huge billboard as I approach the airport.  This would have made more sense for traffic LEAVING the airport…


Wall of glass outside the airport.

Glass airport!

Something odd about this departure board…

What's that box in the middle.

Here’s a closer look.   This looks familiar! ;)

Virtual Memory low!

Last chance for a foot massage, why not, I still had Thai Baht to burn.

Airport foot massage.

Some Buddhist monks in the airport.   Most monks have orange robes, I’m not sure why these had maroon robes.


Some nice etched glass doors to the airport.

Etched glass doors

Nice shot of the inside of the airport.

Bangkok airport inside

A cardboard EVA stewardess FLIGHT ATTENDANT shows the way for me!

Cardboard stewardess

Thai pagoda in the middle of the airport.

Bangkok Airport Pagoda

It’s a very nice airport!

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Actually, that is not a pagoda, but a traditional ‘sala’ – one of those resting places you find all over the country, where people may seek protection from the fierce sun during the dry season, or from a sudden downpour during the monsoon.

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