Witnessed a brutal beating today… just horrible.

I had just come out of my hotel, when this Thai guy on a motor bike comes almost at full speed down the street. Nearly hitting me and several other people who were walking down the street.

If you are familiar with Pattaya, you know that running a motor bike at full speed down ANY local street is dangerous; particularly a busy street like Soi 6. I was annoyed, as were several Thai people who were also trying to walk down the road as well.

The motorbike stops a few businesses down from where I was, and this HUGE Thai guy gets off the bike. Now, when I say HUGE I don’t mean fat like me. This guy was pure muscle and covered with all sorts of tats. Even from 10 feet away, you could tell this guy was bad news.

At this point I am parallel to where his bike is, and I watch him take off his helmet and enter this little tiny hair salon/convenience store/laundromat that seems to cater to locals. He doesn’t say a word when he walks in, he grabs this lady who is sitting in one of the salon chairs by her long hair and forces her to stand up.

When she was standing, he then lets go of her hair and clocks her in the head with his helmet HARD!!

The helmet is almost identical to the one pictured above. The visor was open, and he was holding it by the mouthpiece and hit her on the side of her face with the top of the helmet. It made a blood curdling CRACK sound, and she dropped like a stone.

At this point I stopped walking as did everyone else around me, I was just stunned…

While she was down the large Thai man kicked her several times, she made several attempts to get up to defend herself. Each time she did she got clobbered with his helmet again. I don’t think he said anything the whole time this was happening.

As I was watching this, a British ex-pat who was also watching this started to walk away and told me: “Best not get involved, mate.” as he strolled on by.

When the Thai guy was “finished”, he calmly started to turn around to go back out the door. At this point I also start to walk away. The last thing I want to do is make eye contact with THAT guy, I want to keep my all my bones un-broken…

This is without a doubt the most brutal and vicious act I have ever seen in my life.

Unfortunately, there was absolutely NOTHING I could do in this situation. I wasn’t about to sign my own death sentence by interfering in any way with what he was doing. I couldn’t even call the police as I didn’t have a cell phone. Assuming that there was a police inquiry, I’m not sure how much help I’d be as I don’t speak Thai.

Also, it didn’t appear that this was a domestic incident. It was too direct and emotionless. I think I just witnessed what happens when local loans are not paid in time. If that is the case, I’m not making a police statement and getting a visit from friends of THAT guy.

Fortunately, by the time I left, there was a small crowd of about 20 people who witnessed the beating. All I can do is hope that some of them have more of a spine than I do.

At the time I was on the way to dinner to a place a bit further up the street. As I walked away, my heart was beating WAY faster. Even though I was in no immediate danger, I started to get REALLY scared for a couple of minutes… I think it was adrenaline kicking in hard…

I sat down and ate dinner, I noted that I didn’t hear any police cars or ambulances. The little shop was perhaps 50 feet away from the restaurant. Nothing…

I walked back to the hotel, and noticed as I passed the little shop that they were continuing business as usual. It was as if nothing happened at all.

I guess life IS cheap here in Southeast Asia….

Sorry for the length of my post, I just had to get this off my chest.


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