Diving school and Thai doctors

The dive school had me visit a local doctor as they were worried about my recently diagnosed diabetes and wanted a medical release from a doctor.

The doctor they sent me to was a Thai lady with the last name of Bellen. The British dive instructor I had was all too amused with her last name as apparently it is very close to a British slang word for the …umm… male organ. I learn something new everyday…

Never been to a doctor in Southeast Asia before. She had a little clinic near the dive shop on the other side of 2nd road here in Pattaya.

She checked my blood pressure, lung functions, heartbeat, told me that with diabetes I should cut down on carbs and stop smoking. All in all the same exact physical I got from my doctor in Sarasota.

The difference? Even WITH insurance I ended up paying more out of pocket than paying full fare with the Thai doctor. The Thai doctor cost me 150 baht which is about $5 US!!

Also the Thai doctor did the exam herself and didn’t depend on PA’s to do the work for her!

Just found it all very interesting.


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