Chiang Mai will be visited in 2013!

Howdy everyone, it has been a while!

Well, I got the vacation time approved, and I’ll be spending some quality time in Thailand.   Due to a huge software upgrade at work that I need to be involved with, I will only get 3 weeks of vacation instead of my usual 4 weeks.  Oh, well….

My current plan is to spend a week in Chiang Mai (I’ve never been there before), a little over a week in Pattaya, with a few days here and there in Bangkok as needed as a sort of “buffer” between locations.   I’m going to be using the train system a bit more this time around  There’s going to be a couple of overnight train rides to and from Chiang Mai, looking to book an entire first class cabin (That sleeps two normally) all to myself.    Also planning to book a standard 3rd class seat on the Bangkok to Pattaya train that departs at 6am, just to see if I really can get to Pattay for a buck! (train ticket is 30baht).

I’ve heard Chaing Mai is nice, so this trip is just a preliminary visit to see if it would make a good future retirement destination for me.  It’s a ways off, I know, but it is one of three places I want to check out (I’m already somewhat familiar with my other two choices.  Pattaya and Kanchanaburi).

Speaking of Pattaya,  I will be spending a bit over a week there this time around.   I’ve actually decided to rent an apartment for the week, just to get nicer place.  Last time I stayed at the Queen Victoria Pub directly on Soi 6, which even with a rear facing room was a bit too loud.    This time around I’ll be staying in an ocean-view condo on the 18th floor of perhaps THE BEST property in Pattaya, the name of the complex is “View Talay 6″.   At any rate I’ve already booked the room for the week, you should be able to see a picture of it attached to this post!


Once I have my plans a bit more concrete, I’ll post another update.

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