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First Class sleeper to Chiang Mai

So, I decided to use the “First Class” sleeper car on the train ride from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. Took a bunch of video and put it up for your viewing pleasure. Actually, it looks like this is the first video I posted on the blog from the trip. I should probably put the rest [...]

Testing WordPress for Android

Testing to see if posting on the go will be possible during my next trip to Asia.  So I’m writing this from my android phone via the WordPress for Android app.   I suppose I better try a photo also. Posted from WordPress for Android

Chiang Mai will be visited in 2013!

Howdy everyone, it has been a while! Well, I got the vacation time approved, and I’ll be spending some quality time in Thailand.   Due to a huge software upgrade at work that I need to be involved with, I will only get 3 weeks of vacation instead of my usual 4 weeks.  Oh, well…. My [...]

The old blog is no more!

So I decided to export the contents of my old blog www.oscarinthailand.com and import them here. The old blog was being hosted on GoDaddy, and I am getting tired of paying for two hosting fees. The good news is you only have to look here for ALL of my travels instead of two websites, which [...]

Raw Footage – Japanese Lemon Cake for lunch!

So here is some more raw footage. This time, I get a tasty lemon pound cake from a local convenience store and decide that combined with apple juice and cigarettes it makes a decent lunch! Thanks for watching!

Raw footage – REMM Hotel Akihabara 2 of 2

Here is the second part of my video review of the REMM Hotel Akihabara (Tokyo, Japan) Here I take a look at the in-desk safe, look at some Japanese coins, and ponder the price of the water bottle that was left in the room. Again, this is un-edited raw footage. No fancy intro movie, no [...]

Raw Footage – REMM Hotel Akihabara 1 of 2

Howdy folks, Yes, I know I’ve been back from my trip for a while now. But I’m going to post a bunch footage that didn’t make the cut of my “Oscar In Asia” video series. This is my little video review of the REMM hotel in Akihabara (Tokyo, Japan). At any rate, enjoy the video!

OscarInAsia – Episode 15 – Pattaya SCUBA training

So as I mentioned, I did some SCUBA training while I was in Pattaya. Here is a video about it. Thanks for watching!

Oscar In Asia – SPECIAL – Beans

Not sure what the British fascination is with these really bad canned beans. Seems they want to put them on everything. So I’ve been staying at the Queen Victoria Inn (an English run hotel), which is the same as living directly above an English Pub. So it seems all my breakfast selections involve BEANS for [...]

Oscar In Asia – Episode 14 – Pattaya by Baht Bus

Pattaya by baht bus.