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OscarInAsia – SPECIAL – Manila airport re-enactment.

So for everyone’s viewing pleasure, I made a cartoon re-enactment of my Manila airport experience. Cool little online tool let me do this just by typing the actors’ dialog; it did the rest. Thanks for watching!

Sorry, I’ve been slacking… I’m back in Thailand

I’m starting to think that the Philippines side trip was a mistake.  Not much to see there, and it’s a pretty nasty place actually. They have one major attraction in Manila called Intramuros, which was completely leveled during WWII (by both the Japanese and Allied forces).   So you see a pile of rocks…  Eventually I’ll [...]

OscarInAsia – Episode 8 – Tokyo to Bangkok

Sorry everyone, I’m running a few days behind in my videos. I’m actually currently in Manila at the moment. I will try to get caught up in the next couple days before I head back to Thailand.