Testing WordPress for Android

Testing to see if posting on the go will be possible during my next trip to Asia.  So I’m writing this from my android phone via the WordPress for Android app.   I suppose I better try a photo also. Posted from WordPress for Android

Another lazy day in Bangkok.

Sorry for a lack of important posts, but I’ve done NOTHING since I’ve been here. I would say I was recovering from jet-lag, but that would be a lie. I’ve just been lazy, and this hotel will do that to you. I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to get this laptop hooked up. [...]

Newark airport

So, here I am at the Newark Airport… Stuck here for like 7 hours.   I’m paying like $8 for 24hours of unlimited wifi.  Got to  talk to  John and Jenn via Skype. I don’t have the laptop setup with mouse, etc, so no photo updates at the moment.  I almost didn’t make the flight out [...]

Inflight movie selection!

Just got an email from EVA Air (the Taiwanese based airline that I’m taking to Asia.) And was given the following link to the inflight movies they will be showing on my flight! EVA May Inflight movies Foturnately for me, only two “chick flix” and one movie I’ve already seen (Gran Torino). Not that it [...]

New Theme

Well I changed the theme to something a bit more user friendly, as well as easier to read. Still not 100% happy with it, but its an improvement I guess. 3 more days till takeoff!

Post for facebook

This is just a post so I can have a proper picture for the facebook link. Just ignore it!

Website Launched!

I’ll be posting all my trip adventures here for those of you who are interested. Only 6 more days to takeoff! Oscar