Testing WordPress for Android

Testing to see if posting on the go will be possible during my next trip to Asia.  So I’m writing this from my android phone via the WordPress for Android app.   I suppose I better try a photo also. Posted from WordPress for Android

Yea right!

Just noticed this little tag on keychain they gave me at Thrifty Rental Car place… Just for that, I’m going to smoke DOUBLE in the car! I suppose I better start packing… I’m supposed to leave in a few hours.

Picked up the rental car.

I spent the extra $$ and got the full size. Hip room is very important to me… I always wanted to test drive one of these (Chrysler 300).  I’m not overly impressed, but it should get me to Orlando comfortably.

Inflight movie selection!

Just got an email from EVA Air (the Taiwanese based airline that I’m taking to Asia.) And was given the following link to the inflight movies they will be showing on my flight! EVA May Inflight movies Foturnately for me, only two “chick flix” and one movie I’ve already seen (Gran Torino). Not that it [...]

Meet my new travel partner!

Meet Little Jim, my travelling partner!  He begged and pleaded to go, so I guess I’ll take him!

….Nope, not anxious to go at all!