I should have labeled this blog… “How to live in Thailand for 3 weeks without eating Thai food!”  As usual, I found another place to eat that offers burgers! Shenanigans Irish Pub in Pattaya: …look around the inside…  Hmmm… it looks like a Bennigan’s! Nice placemats…. Even nicer burger!  Actually this post is just filler [...]

I survived the 1 kilo challenge!

After exposure to Tiffany’s Cabaret, I needed to raise my testosterone levels.  What better way than a competition involving MEAT!  So I went to “Big Horn Steakhouse” here in Pattaya, where they have the following challenge (from their website) : So I get to the steak house and they hand me the fancy menu: I [...]

Aloha, Pattaya!

Last night I went to an interesting restaurant, it has a Polynesian theme. It looked interesting, so I gave it a try.  There are two huge Tiki statues in front of the place, but unfortunately they didn’t come out well in the photos.  I’ll try to take another picture during the daytime and put it [...]

The evil clown!

Yes the evil clown is everywhere!  He’s opened up a branch next to my hotel in Bangkok, there are now THREE within easy walking distance of my hotel in Pattaya.  He is taking over! He is now offering breakfast sandwiches with hash browns and coffee just like in the US!   It’s about time! But also [...]

Ok, now I’m sick!

Well, it looks like my illness got worse!  I had planned to go to a couple of the big shopping malls here today, but after breakfast this morning, I started to get a headache.  Then my sinuses got more clogged than they were, and I’m fairly certain I have a fever. I wonder if work [...]

Another lazy day in Bangkok.

Sorry for a lack of important posts, but I’ve done NOTHING since I’ve been here. I would say I was recovering from jet-lag, but that would be a lie. I’ve just been lazy, and this hotel will do that to you. I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to get this laptop hooked up. [...]

Finally in Bangkok – Part II

Little Jim is happy to be here.  Particularly when he found the “free drink coupon” and the “free breakfast coupon” Well, I’m finally caught up.  Here I am enjoying another cheeseburger in paradise in the Nana Hotel Coffee Shop:

Cheeseburgers in paradise?

Well, Newark Airport is not exactly paradise! 

The last supper! :P

After picking up the rental, I went had a farewell dinner with John and Jenn. Went to Dutch Heritage, we all agreed the buffet was mediocre tonight. Here we are waiting for service…