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Testing WordPress for Android

Testing to see if posting on the go will be possible during my next trip to Asia.  So I’m writing this from my android phone via the WordPress for Android app.   I suppose I better try a photo also. Posted from WordPress for Android

The old blog is no more!

So I decided to export the contents of my old blog and import them here. The old blog was being hosted on GoDaddy, and I am getting tired of paying for two hosting fees. The good news is you only have to look here for ALL of my travels instead of two websites, which [...]

OscarInAsia title video (take two)

Ok, I’ve made a few changes to the title video Changed the “book” title, added some Asian style structures. I’m about 90% satisfied with this revision

New OscarInAsia title video!

So my “Vacation Cards” came in!

Ordered up a bunch of cards to promote my website/upcoming videos from VistaPrint . I got them pretty cheap, and I’m pretty happy with the results:

Translation widget added!

Added a translation widget (above my Twitter feed in the far right column). So, if you read another language, you can now enjoy the blog. Neat!

I made the blog mobile friendly!

Well, I just installed a great little plug in here that will automatically format my website for various mobile devices. Supposedly this will support Apple’s Ipad and Iphone, various Android devices, and Blackberry devices as well. Unfortunately, I can only tell if the Android support works, as I only have an Android device.  Will people [...]

Switched back to WordPress!

Well, SquareSpace wasn’t working out well for me, so I switched back to having my blog on WordPress. I decided to start from scratch, so none of the old posts from the SquareSpace blog will transfer over.  Not really missing much as there wasn’t anything important there anyway.