Chiang Mai will be visited in 2013!

Howdy everyone, it has been a while! Well, I got the vacation time approved, and I’ll be spending some quality time in Thailand.   Due to a huge software upgrade at work that I need to be involved with, I will only get 3 weeks of vacation instead of my usual 4 weeks.  Oh, well…. My [...]

Oscar in Asia – Episode 11 – Tokyo Trains!

Probably pretty boring to most of you. Just some footage I shot on two different trains in Tokyo.

Sorry, I’ve been slacking… I’m back in Thailand

I’m starting to think that the Philippines side trip was a mistake.  Not much to see there, and it’s a pretty nasty place actually. They have one major attraction in Manila called Intramuros, which was completely leveled during WWII (by both the Japanese and Allied forces).   So you see a pile of rocks…  Eventually I’ll [...]

OscarInAsia – Episode 3 – Akihabara Cosplay Store

They sell more than costumes apparently…

OscarInAsia – Episode 2 – Akihabara Station

Just a quick video showing the advertising screens at Akihabara station in Tokyo. These screens are really bright and clear, can’t tell they are computer monitors till you get up close to them.

OscarInAsia – Episode 1 – Sarasota to Tokyo

Video montage of my travels from Sarasota to Tokyo. Sorry if the editing is a bit sloppy.

Newark Airport and Howard Johnson’s

I arrived late at night to the Newark Airport.   I got a free shuttle from the airport to the Howard Johnson’s hotel that I pre-booked. Not a great room, but it was cheap! I heard that there was a restaurant attached to this Howard Johnson hotel. I had hoped that it was an actual  “Howard [...]

EVA Airline food, also Taipei airport.

Although the flight back to the states was easier on me than the flight to Bangkok for some reason, the food on the way back was MUCH worse! While I like the slightly bigger seats on EVA Air, the terrible food they serve, and the horrible airport I have to fly through (Taipei Airport) make [...]

Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok

Suvarnabhumi is the name of the airport in Bangkok.   Don’t ask me to pronounce it! I’ve never been to this airport before.  It was still under construction during my previous visit. Here are some shots: First up, a huge billboard as I approach the airport.  This would have made more sense for traffic LEAVING the [...]

I’m not dead, I’m in Pattaya!

Sorry for the lack of updates!  I traveled from Bangkok to Pattaya in the last couple of days.    There will likely be fewer reports over the next week as I’m having an EXTREMELY difficult time getting any sort of regular internet access from here. Currently I’m sitting eating breakfast at a place with free WiFi [...]