Return to Bangkok

Sorry for the bunch of super-weak updates lately.  I’ve had a bit of the “Bangkok Belly”, so I had to stay near the hotel for a few days.  But I’ve been here in Bangkok, back to my favorite hotel.   I got room number 664, which makes me the “Neighbor of the Beast”.   I wonder what [...]

The Legendary Feast!

Since I haven’t made a chip review in a few days, I thought it was time to make it up to my millions of faithful readers.  This article was started on my last night in Bangkok before heading to Pattaya. I was initially going to order up room service tonight.  After some thought, I decided [...]

Thai Chip Review: Calbee Mystery Chips.

Little Jim and I label these as “Mystery Chips” due to an absoulte lack of any English on the front of the package.  On the back, some English text states that this is manufactured “Under license of Calbee Foods Co, Tokyo, Japan”.   The picture seems to give a good idea of what these chips are.  [...]

Thai Chip Review: Dr. Taco

I was bored.. This post will start a brand new series of reviews staring myself and my esteemed fellow traveller Little Jim.   In it, we will be reviewing various bizzare snack foods found in the local 7-11′s  (Yes, there are MANY in Thailand!). Today we will be reviewing a strange bag of chips that I [...]