OscarInAsia – Episode 15 – Pattaya SCUBA training

So as I mentioned, I did some SCUBA training while I was in Pattaya. Here is a video about it. Thanks for watching!

Diving school and Thai doctors

The dive school had me visit a local doctor as they were worried about my recently diagnosed diabetes and wanted a medical release from a doctor. The doctor they sent me to was a Thai lady with the last name of Bellen. The British dive instructor I had was all too amused with her last [...]

Learning to dive in Thailand

So I am going to be taking a diving course here in Pattaya. I am using the Aquanauts dive shop located just down the street from me. So I walk in and pay them 16000 baht (About $540 US). But first thing they do is give me a huge book that I’m apparently supposed to [...]