Return to Bangkok

Sorry for the bunch of super-weak updates lately.  I’ve had a bit of the “Bangkok Belly”, so I had to stay near the hotel for a few days.  But I’ve been here in Bangkok, back to my favorite hotel.   I got room number 664, which makes me the “Neighbor of the Beast”.   I wonder what [...]

Ok, now I’m sick!

Well, it looks like my illness got worse!  I had planned to go to a couple of the big shopping malls here today, but after breakfast this morning, I started to get a headache.  Then my sinuses got more clogged than they were, and I’m fairly certain I have a fever. I wonder if work [...]

Update: I’m getting a cold!

Well, the last two days involved a lot of walking  around in the hot sun.   Bangkok is easily twice as humid as Florida and heavily polluted.   Today was worse than yesterday as I didn’t have a golf cart! I think I’m catching a cold!  I’ve been going in and out of air-conditioning all day while [...]