My eyeware problem is solved… Thanks to “Hello Kitty”!

On a lighter note, “Hello Kitty” duct-tape fixes eyeglasses nicely…

More Hello Kitty Hell !

I ran into this batch of photos that I took in Dream World the other day.  I wonder what the obsession is in Asia with all things Hello Kitty.  I’d say 10% of the phones in Pantip Plaza were covered with a Hello Kitty theme. Little Jim was intensely curious about all this Hello Kitty [...]

Hello Kitty – Hell Gate – The Video!

Here’s a video that I shot of the “Hello Kitty Gift Gate” in Taipei.  Imagine being trapped in this room for an hour with this horrible music looping, having just come off of a 18 hour flight and not being allowed to smoke any cigarettes.   It was just like some sort of torture!

Taipei – Hello Kitty Hell

Asians are odd.  The flight to bangkok departed from the “Hello Kitty Gift Gate”. What’s that you ask?  Well, the entire gate area was decked out with Hello Kitty wallpaper, chairs, and it even had a Hello Kitty gift shop attached to it. Sorry the pictures don’t do it justice  (sorry, I’ve been using the [...]