OscarInAsia – Episode 15 – Pattaya SCUBA training

So as I mentioned, I did some SCUBA training while I was in Pattaya. Here is a video about it. Thanks for watching!

Oscar In Asia – SPECIAL – Beans

Not sure what the British fascination is with these really bad canned beans. Seems they want to put them on everything. So I’ve been staying at the Queen Victoria Inn (an English run hotel), which is the same as living directly above an English Pub. So it seems all my breakfast selections involve BEANS for [...]

Oscar In Asia – Episode 14 – Pattaya by Baht Bus

Pattaya by baht bus.

Diving school and Thai doctors

The dive school had me visit a local doctor as they were worried about my recently diagnosed diabetes and wanted a medical release from a doctor. The doctor they sent me to was a Thai lady with the last name of Bellen. The British dive instructor I had was all too amused with her last [...]

Oscar In Asia – Episode 13 – Video Music Kiosk

So I found this custom music video kiosk at Royal Garden Plaza here in Pattya. 150 baht to have a custom VCD of me in a music video. Why not! I’ll annoy my thousands of loyal viewers with this now! Enjoy!

Learning to dive in Thailand

So I am going to be taking a diving course here in Pattaya. I am using the Aquanauts dive shop located just down the street from me. So I walk in and pay them 16000 baht (About $540 US). But first thing they do is give me a huge book that I’m apparently supposed to [...]

Oscar In Asia – Episode 12 – Thai street musicians

Quick view around the Queen Victoria Pub (located on Soi 6 Pattaya, Thailand) Wondered what the commotion was outside, seems that there was a street jam going on. Apparently a group of ladyboys was really getting into the music. Thanks for watching!

My eyeware problem is solved… Thanks to “Hello Kitty”!

On a lighter note, “Hello Kitty” duct-tape fixes eyeglasses nicely…

Stupid broken Chinese glasses…

Time to visit one of the local optical centers…

Sorry, I’ve been slacking… I’m back in Thailand

I’m starting to think that the Philippines side trip was a mistake.  Not much to see there, and it’s a pretty nasty place actually. They have one major attraction in Manila called Intramuros, which was completely leveled during WWII (by both the Japanese and Allied forces).   So you see a pile of rocks…  Eventually I’ll [...]