One more thing…Misc Thailand pictures

Last batch of miscellaneous pictures of Thailand. My bed at the Nana Hotel in Bangkok The Bangkok Skytrain. Tallest building in Bangkok, the Baiyoke Tower II Apparently Thai’s think that bowling is hip!  (Ad for bowling alley in Siam Paragon, Bangkok) I’ve heard once you go black, you never go back! Maybe that’s what this [...]

Fried Bugs and Pizza Hut!

Well, these are actually two separtate things!  First as promised in a previous article, some better pictures of the fried bugs you can find for sale all over Bangkok. More deep fried bugs! Then I went to Pizza Hut!  Here’s the pizza I supposedly ordered….:( You would think after visiting this country for almost a [...]


No, it’s not the cullinary equivalent of Disneyland.   It’s a supermarket chain in Thailand! The supermarket is like what you would see anywhere else really.  The big draw is the cheap eats lunch counter that sits inside!  This lunch counter is legendary in the Bangkok message boards as it is very cheap, has a selection [...]

Japanese cuisine at MBK Center

At MBK shopping center there is piles of options for eating Japanese food. I was recently at this huge mall again, this time with my occasional guide Lucksika.  For lunch she wanted Japanese food (she has lived in Japan for seven years).   So we went to the Tokyu department store in MBK and had [...]

Siam Paragon / MBK trip

So I went to Siam Paragon super mall today, 10 floors tall, each FLOOR about the size of  Sarasota Square.    They finished it in 2005, so I got to briefly see it on my last visit here, but this was my first extended visit. It is REALLY high end.  All the major designers (think [...]

Return to Bangkok

Sorry for the bunch of super-weak updates lately.  I’ve had a bit of the “Bangkok Belly”, so I had to stay near the hotel for a few days.  But I’ve been here in Bangkok, back to my favorite hotel.   I got room number 664, which makes me the “Neighbor of the Beast”.   I wonder what [...]


I should have labeled this blog… “How to live in Thailand for 3 weeks without eating Thai food!”  As usual, I found another place to eat that offers burgers! Shenanigans Irish Pub in Pattaya: …look around the inside…  Hmmm… it looks like a Bennigan’s! Nice placemats…. Even nicer burger!  Actually this post is just filler [...]

I survived the 1 kilo challenge!

After exposure to Tiffany’s Cabaret, I needed to raise my testosterone levels.  What better way than a competition involving MEAT!  So I went to “Big Horn Steakhouse” here in Pattaya, where they have the following challenge (from their website) : So I get to the steak house and they hand me the fancy menu: I [...]

Pattaya Internet Hell

As I write this, I am sitting at the “Pattaya Beer Garden” enjoying a cheeseburger while overlooking the ocean.    If any of my billions of faithful readers make it to Pattaya, I highly recommend a visit to this place. I’ve already mentioned this place in a previous post, why am I bringing it up again?  [...]

Finally in Bangkok – Part II

Little Jim is happy to be here.  Particularly when he found the “free drink coupon” and the “free breakfast coupon” Well, I’m finally caught up.  Here I am enjoying another cheeseburger in paradise in the Nana Hotel Coffee Shop: